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What’s with the Name?

For those of you scratching your heads, “peas & carrots” is a phrase that background actors often mime repeatedly to each other during a scene in which they are supposed to be engaged in conversation. Kinda catchy, huh?

About the Founder


Los Angeles based Peas & Carrots was created by Scott Schoen and is the result of his 18+ years of experience in commercial production and casting. After graduating from Duke University in 1993, Scott moved to Los Angeles and began his production career at HKM, where he was a researcher and ate a lot of free cereal. He later became a staff production manager at Biscuit Filmworks through its formative years before moving on to manage Silver Layne Studios from 2003-2009. Scott also has extensive experience running casting sessions for the likes of Shane Casting, Bad Girls Casting, Laray Mayfield, and many other casting directors.

Oh, and this is his dog, Charlie: